Executive Circle

AMA Executive Circle is the American Marketing Association’s exclusive national network of experienced, senior-level marketing executives.

Join Marketing’s Elite

The AMA Executive Circle is an opportunity to engage, network and share with a group of accomplished and connected marketing and sales professionals, including entrepreneurs, seasoned consultants, executives from big brands, and professors from prestigious colleges. Executive Circle seeks professionals that want to share their expertise, as well as receive invaluable resources and advice.

Here’s what Executive Circle members look like:

  • Most are current or former VPs, SVPs, CMOs, COOs and Presidents
  • 84% have Fortune 500 experience
  • 70% have graduate or postgraduate degrees
  • Over 50% hold degrees from one of the top 20 business schools
  • Over 20% of AMA Executive Circle members attended an Ivy League university

The AMA San Francisco Executive Circle offers engaging programming on current business and marketing trends, development of peer relationships, and ideas that guide business strategy.

Become an Executive Circle Member

The annual cost of membership is $300, which includes regular AMA member benefits, as well as exclusive AMA Executive Circle benefits including:

  • Free access to the OneSource (D&B Hoover Solutions) database of nearly 1 million companies
  • Discounts to AMA local and national events and conferences
  • Access to AMA Executive Circle Knowledge Base, a library of insightful content from senior executives
  • Exclusive job opportunities
  • Presentations, programming and networking events geared specifically to the Executive Circle audience

If you meet Executive Circle membership requirements, your next step is to apply.

Join Today

Still have questions? For more information, contact the AMA SF Executive Circle at circleofexcellence@amasf.org or call 415-890-4262.